Why Choose a Tribute Band?
At a time when a pair of tickets to a concert by the biggest rock bands can run in the hundreds of dollars, tribute bands are gaining newfound respect, drawing big crowds, and earning more money than ever. For the venue owner or promoter it is a much safer gamble. Tribute bands draw on the popularity of the groups they cover so its much safer having a tribute band for the first time than a regular no name cover band.

They’re definitely more successful, says Dan Millen, who has been booking tribute bands into such venues as Harpers Ferry, the Hard Rock Cafe, and the Middle East for the past decade. Its kind of a bummer for [smaller-scale promoters] like me, because tribute bands were my little secret for a long time. Concertgoers and industry watchers say there are several reasons this is happening. One is the economy – its a lot cheaper to see a fake U2 than the real thing – but other factors include a growing sense of nostalgia among baby boomers and Generation Xers as well as dissatisfaction with much of the rock music that the industry pumps out these days.
For the consumer, the savings are steep. Most of the faux groups charge $10 to $20 a ticket, whereas the bands on which those acts are based – from the Dave Matthews Band to the Eagles – can command ticket prices between $75 and $250. This is a quick, simple, cost-effective night out, says programming director, Kevin Mitchell. And at a tribute concert, fans know they’re going to hear a bands most popular songs.

So Why Choose The Idol Kings?
The closest thing to being there!, Great show! Absolute pros in every way!, It sounds so close to the original it can be a little scary at times!

The Idol Kings are a group of seasoned professionals who know how to deliver a show.
Hailing from some of the northeasts most successful cover bands, with credits which include recording with Luther Van Dross, Curtis Stiegers,Aerosmith, Bob Dylan and more, and writing credits with, among others, the Oak Ridge Boys, The Kings certainly know what they are doing in the music industry. Plus, with the Kings you get twice the drawing power as you do with a traditional tribute band. The Idol Kings put on two great one hour concerts every night and come with an opening act when three sets are needed. With shows of two of the most popular 80s super groups, Journey and John Mellencamp, a night with the Idol Kings is always a nonstop party. Depending on your venue and stage size, the Idol Kings can accommodate just about any situation from an intimate evening on a small stage to a full blown production with big sound, big lights, and multi level staging.